Online Divorce Scams and Frauds

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Below ODAA reveals the nature and extent of various individual online divorce scams and frauds. At any point in time, this is likely not a complete list of all consumers see online divorce fraudfrauds within the online divorce profession, but it is considered a good start.  Be careful.  Please make us aware of any online divorce scams and frauds or other misleading practices that you discover and that are not listed below.  We will investigate and add new online divorce scams as quickly as we can.

As fraud is a dynamic activity, this section of our website will always be under development. We have approximately 20 online divorce scams and frauds videos in the pipeline right now. We are adding more videos about online divorce scams and fraud to this page as quickly as we can.

Online divorce con-men also watch this page. They generally don’t discontinue their frauds when exposed.  Instead, the attempt to hide the evidence we uncovered of their frauds. Then they double-down with increased fraud in other areas. And so the cycle goes.  So please be aware that evidence of fraud that we capture in the videos below will often be gone within days of the video being uploaded. That’s why it is important for the evidence to be captured on video. The evidence then never goes away.

Obviously, some of the online divorce scams and frauds we expose are less dangerous and damaging to consumers than others. However, any fraud that impacts upon the ability of the consumer to make his or her own hiring decision is considered significant by ODAA.  We don’t think that there is a “no harm-no foul” standard in online divorce. ODAA has zero tolerance for any fraud.

Why is it a problem if an otherwise honest company tricks you slightly into hiring it and then it does a good job for you? Because that never happens.  Why would an honest competent company trick you at all? They wouldn’t need to cheat. Their legitimate client reviews and blog posts and other factors over the long-term would bring them enough work that they would not need to cheat.

It is only the incompetent online divorce providers who have no clue what they are doing who have a continuing need to cheat you in order to get your business.

Online Divorce Reviews are important to new divorce consumers. They tell you the type of experience you are likely to have with the online divorce website you’re looking at. But the reviews have to be legitimate to have value. If the online divorce review website is owned and controlled by an online divorce website and it recommends its own owner’s online divorce website, that’s called fraud. It tricks the divorce consumer into thinking that the online divorce website has earned a positive review and recommendation when it has not.  Online divorce review fraud is serious and disqualifies a website from ODAA membership forever.

Online Divorce Reviews Fraud #1

Follow the incredible saga of Michael Brown and Anastia, two alleged divorce clients who each provided two separate online divorce sites, and with the exact same testimonials. Both testimonials of each person can’t be valid. We suggest that both testimonials of each are false. While you are thinking about how bad this fraud is, also consider how dumb you have to be to use two identical alleged testimonials on two different websites that they know consumers will be comparing.  Both of these websites are managed in India.  Stay away. They have many more problems than this. has no phone number and has an F rating at the Better Business Bureau.

Fake Client Testimonials

Many online divorce websites lie to you about how long they’ve been in business. They try to trick you into hiring them on the basis that they are much more experienced than they really are. The Online Divorce Association shows you how to detect these lies.

False Claims of How Long in Business runs a LOT of fraud.  One of its more minor frauds against you, the new divorce consumer, is that it makes an outrageous claim in its Google AdWords ads that it has 91,000 client testimonials.  They must have forgotten that false claim by the time they came to make up more lies on their website, because there, they claim 111,000 client testimonials.  They are really not very smart and they think you won’t be either.  But when you look at their legitimate independent client testimonial verification company, they have a grand total of 71 client testimonials in the past year.  This is an Indian website.  The Indian con-man is clever and fast.  He will remove the evidence of this fraud within days of this video going live. That’s why it is important to get this video evidence.  Stay away from  Honest online divorce websites don’t have to trick you.

False Claims of Numbers of Testimonials