Online Divorce Association Disclaimer


While every reasonable effort is made by ODAA to identify, analyze, catalog, report and expose every single fraud or deception within the online divorce profession, it is a dynamic situation.  We cannot guarantee you that there will not be a fraud or deception that we have not included on this website. There are online divorce con-men that work on expanding the number and efficiency of their frauds on every day when the sun comes up.  Use the material on this website as a guide. However, continue to exercise caution and common sense in your hiring choice of an online divorce provider.

We allege that if you hire an online divorce provider who is a member of ODAA and has made at least a putative commitment towards honesty and our Code of Ethics, you will be reducing to a large extent the risk that you will encounter any fraud-based problem in your online divorce. However, as ODAA cannot control or even influence the day-to-day operation of any independently owned online divorce provider, our advice to you cannot rise to the level of an expert recommendation.

In other words, ODAA cannot be liable in law or damages for your choice of online divorce provider. While we do recommend, for good cause shown, that you hire an ODAA member, we cannot guarantee the performance of any specific member or of anyone.  The responsibility and liability for your choice of an online divorce provider must remain yours.